About Greenland Cruises

Greenland Cruises offers shore excursions and other services to cruise ships visiting Greenland during the summer and fall. The owner, Ivik Knudsen-Ostermann, has great experience in organizing tours/excursions all over the coast, especially in Sisimiut where the company has its base.

Greenland Cruises has collaborators in almost every town/settlement on the coast. If Greenland Cruises doesn’t offer services in a town Greenland Cruises will be more than happy to help the ship get in contact with local tour operators or whatever is necessary to make the visit a good experience.

Ivik is born and raised in Greenland and he has been to most of the towns on the coast. He therefore has a valuable knowledge of the different harbors, what excursions/tours are good, what is good to see in the different towns etc.

Greenland Cruises is the first of its kind in Greenland. A 100% Greenlandic owned company offering its services in most destinations on the coast.

By using Greenland Cruises you are also giving money to charity. It is Greenland Cruises goal to give some of the company’s profit to different charities in Greenland.

So use Greenland Cruises if you want a smooth and easy visit to Greenland

Ivik K-Ostermann

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