Welcome to Greenland Cruises

Greenland Cruises offers shore excursions and other services to cruise ships visiting Greenland during the summer and fall.

Greenland Cruises has partners in almost every community along the West Coast.

If Greenland Cruises doesn’t offer services in a town Greenland Cruises will be more than happy to help the ship get in contact with local tour operators or whatever is necessary to make the visit a good experience.

Our Summer Excursions

Our Summer tours

Targa 37


2 hours fjord sailing DKK 550, – per person
4 hour trip to Qoornoq DKK 1000, – per person
5-6 hour tour to Kapisilliit DKK 1500, – per person
5-6 hours trip to the ice fjord DKK 1500, – per person

Children 2-11 years 50% discount


The first 4 hours DKK 9000, –
per subsequent hour DKK 2000, –
Does not apply to the above trips

    Contact us for tours:

    2 hours fjord sailing4 hour trip to Qoornoq5-6 hour tour to Kapisilliit5-6 hours trip to the ice fjordCharter